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Expanded Community Advisory Panel (XCAP)

The Expanded Community Advisory Panel, known as “XCAP,” is a group of Palo Altans and other stakeholders tasked with evaluating all the information related to the grade crossing alternatives for rail crossings. The group, a Brown Act body, can vote and make recommendations directly to the City Council. The City Manager’s Office provides staffing to the XCAP.

Please visit the XCAP meetings web page to see meeting dates & times and meeting materials (agendas, summaries, videos, etc).

To email the XCAP, use the email addresses below or email to email the full XCAP. Emails sent there are viewable by XCAP members and the public; they are included in the meeting materials (agenda packet) for XCAP meetings.

Member NameEmail Address
XCAP Working Groups: 
In order to get their work done by the deadlines set by the City Council, the XCAP created Working Groups. The names and representatives of each Working Group are listed below:
  1. Why we need grade separations: Phil 
  2. Methods used to understand alternatives: Inyoung, Dave, Cari
  3. Criteria: Phil, Keith
  4. XCAP Findings (Things we’ve learned): Phil, Keith, Tony
  5. Recommendations and Rationale: Larry, Nadia
  6. Mitigations, Future Safety Considerations, Other Considerations: Greg
  7. Appendices of data & visualizations: 

XCAP Meetings & Meeting Materials:
Regular Meetings of XCAP are the first and third Wednesday of each month. Special Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Please visit the XCAP meetings web page to see meeting dates & times and meeting materials (agendas, summaries, videos, etc).

With COVID-19, XCAP meetings are virtual meetings as of April 2020.

All XCAP meetings are recorded with the video and meeting materials made available online after the meeting. Sign up to receive meeting notifications (via GovDelivery) about upcoming meetings.

Current Renderings and Animations:
Visit the Renderings, Plans, and Animations webpage to see all available renderings, plans, and animations for current and archived alternatives. Link:

XCAP Guiding Principles and Workplan:
The XCAP organized itself in October 2019 and adopted a set of Guiding Principles which would direct how they do their work. The adopted guiding principles can be found here. The annotated version is also available online. In addition to adopting Guiding Principles, the XCAP also adopted a workplan in concept and it is available online as well.

XCAP List of Questions:
The XCAP generated a list of questions to be addressed during a design workshop in 2019. The XCAP subsequently decided to postpone the design workshop to no date certain. They reviewed the list of questions and narrowed them down significantly and staff and consultants reviewed them and responded to the questions in April 2020.

How does the XCAP differ from the former Community Advisory Panel (CAP)?
Prior to the XCAP, there previously was a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) tasked with studying grade separation and providing feedback to City staff and consultants. The CAP concluded in March 2019, but many CAP members joined the new XCAP which has some additional responsibilities. Visit the CAP web page for more information on the former panel.

To contact staff related to the XCAP, please email